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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Better Be Late Than Never

Hi Visitors,

Let me introduce myself and let me tell you why I am here or what am I doing here. I am Nishanth Balachandran, a software tester by choice and by profession. I am working with Asthra Technologies Private Limited, Palakkad. Being in I.T Industry its already late for me to create a blog. Because its true that today blogs are the main medium for sharing and gaining information. It is better to be late than never. So I am starting this blog and this is my first post.

I believe you all have noticed the name of my blog "Tester's Arena". As its name implies I want to make this blog a playground for all the testers around the world. A playground for sharing and gaining information. I am a newbie in testing industry. By profession I am only 2 years old as a tester and by choice I am a tester from childhood. My pot of experience and knowledge is not very big. So I hope all my visitors will consider the glass as half full rather than half empty.

For my readers who are interested in my blog and are planning to visit the blog in future. I would like to tell you the types of information I like to share through this blog. And that is "Anything and EveryThing" that will improve or that will help in improving testing skills of testers.

Note of thanks:

In this occasion I would like to thank my colleague P.H Shoukath Ali for inspiring and encouraging me to create this blog. I would also like to thank all the great testers around the world who inspired me in testing and also in creating this blog.


Please feel free to pin point my mistakes or criticize me. Good suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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Tester Tested! said...

In the recent past many testers in India have started blogging and that's great. Now you have a responsibility - one to two years from now, someone should say "Nishanth Balachandran inspired me to do a great job".

Come out of the traditional approach and start learning Rapid Software Testing , it can take you a long way.